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07th April 2016

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Edutech – the new frontier : Ishan Gupta CEO of

Posted on 22 Apr 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on Edutech – the new frontier : Ishan Gupta CEO of

Edtech is one of the buzzwords that is often heard today in India and across the world. Companies like
Coursera, Udacity, edX, Piaaza, EduKart, CodeAcademy and others have made a dent in delivery of
education in its own ways.

Education Technology in various forms, like online education has emerged as an effective alternative
and the growing awareness of various online courses is enticing more and more students to opt for this
mode of study. The benefit of leveraging technology in education is different for every one; some do it
to up-skill themselves while others do it to gain accreditation from renowned universities worldwide in
order to build better qualifications from the convenience of their home. Technology allows a more cost
effective and faster form of learning. Though edutech is in its nascent stage in India as compared with
other countries, there is indeed an immense potential for this industry to grow.

According to the report by Business Standard it is estimated that the e-learning market is going to see
a whooping rise in the years to come. According to industry experts, by 2014 the e-learning market will
be a whopping Rs.2.5 lakh crore. The best part about the e-learning domain is that it is not restrictive;
students from all walks of life can pursue online courses. Studies show that students from Tier 2 and Tier
3 cities are responding immensely well to the online education scenario and are taking sincere initiatives
to enhance their skills by undertaking relevant courses.

Technological advancements in social media is expected to provide a swing to the scenario of online
education. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. are no more just for friends and fun. Even teachers in
some of the renowned institutes believe that social media is far more important as a communication
channel. Many teachers from top notch institutes hold open hours on social media sites like Facebook
and Twitter. This type of learning is cloud based that is it requires an open class with minimal hardware

Technological developments have allowed the increase in the amount of shared data and collaborative
content functionality. Educational content from all over the world is now just a click away. This is one of
the most effective forms of sharing information.

In a nutshell, educational technology is surfacing as a stronger mode. Few of the above trends are
well established while others are still in the embryonic stage. There is no doubt about the fact that
technological integration in education is imperative but it will depend to a large extent on acceptance
of the changes in the technological trends. Education can grow manifolds by leveraging technology.
Our education system is in transformation stage and undoubtedly edutech is proving as the need of the