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07th April 2016

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Internet Trends in India

Posted on 22 Mar 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Internet Trends in India

According to a survey conducted by ComScore in 2013, 205 million people in India are Internet users, which is the third largest after China and the USA. The numbers are expected to reach up-to 350 million by 2015. No doubt, young India is on top of the charts with 39% of the Internet users belonging to the age group of 25-34 years. Surprisingly, 68million connections came from the rural sector. Facebook turned out to be the most popular social networking site in 2013 with 90 million active users. Mobile Internet usage was on the go in 2013 with 156 million mobile Internet connections and 110 million active mobile Internet users.


This infographic shows how mobile is emerging as a sought-after medium for Internet users and what the on-line population in India is actually looking for.

Internet Trends in India