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07th April 2016

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My vision for internet- Empowerment to learn and chalk out their future

Posted on 22 Apr 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on My vision for internet- Empowerment to learn and chalk out their future

-Surabhi Dewra, Founder – MeraCareerGuide.Com

My vision for internet- Empowerment to learn and chalk out their future

It would have been a farce to praise the Internet had I personally not seen the change it is bringing
about in the educational landscape of this country of the largest illiterate population.


The image below (from MeraCareerGuide.Com) suggests the impact of the Internet. Students from
the remote village of Gamahria of Bihar to students from the small town of Naharlagun in Arunachal
Pradesh to youngsters from the southern city of Cheyyar use the Internet to have access to learning
tools, mentors and knowledge that is elusive in their own home town. This indicates the big change
that the Internet is bringing about and empowering the youth to take control of their careers and,
eventually, future.



The empowerment which the Internet can give to its youth is manifolds. A smart device with an Internet
connection and with multimedia lesson plans loaded on to it (smart device) will work magic for the
Government to improve literacy rate which will else increase at a sluggish pace.


The most important power that the net brings with it is that of ‘learning’. Huge commissioned projects
and bills like the Right to Education would go meaningless with respect to measured effect they would
to show. It’s the Internet which can truly help educate every child despite their poor background.


The learning would take such paradigm shift that degrees would go meaningless. Internet would
provide access to individuals who want to acquire skill and would be able to do so without barriers of
reservations, admission deadlines and not so meaningful competitive exams. The innovation which
would be demonstrated by “internet generation” would be overwhelming. Internet would be this
large university which would give admission to all and only pre-requisite would be inquisitiveness and
willingness to learn and would make all of us truly a life long learner.


I envision the Internet to be synonym to “Empowerment”. Empowerment to think, empowerment to
learn, empowerment to ‘be’ and empowerment to be inquisitive.